For Teaching and Learning

Educational technology, as explained in this video by Elisa Gopin, is a means of optimizing learning for all students. Technology provides many different tools to help students acquire knowledge, both individually and collaboratively. It is up to the teachers to determine if technology is appropriate for a particular lesson. When suitable the teacher finds, presents, and/or uses technology to enhance the learning experience.

However it is not all about the technology. The key is knowing how to use technology to teach content. “Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is a framework that identifies the knowledge teachers need to teach effectively with technology.” (Koehler, M.J., For more information on the subject, go to the TPACK page.

Also included on this site is my weekly blog. Each week I will highlight five websites and/or apps that will help in teaching and learning. Remember, always start with your learning objectives. Then, you may find technology that will help you improve how you can teach to the objective or better help the students to achieve the objective. You only use technology if it will improve the lesson. Click here to access my weekly blog.