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Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) is knowing how to use technology to teach content. This will look different for each subject, grade level, technical experience,  and amount of content knowledge for both teachers and learners. The trick is knowing how to apply TPACK for each given situation. Note that the decision can also be that using technology might not be appropriate.

Judi Harris & Mark Hofer created a website for Learning Activity Types (LATs) that utilize TPACK principles in lessons. The activities are organized by subject matter. A description the activities is provided along with examples of technologies that could be used for teaching or learning the activities. Teachers should look at their lessons and determine if there is a technology that could help to teach it better or help the students to learn the material better. You will undoubtedly find ideas for integrating technology into your curriculum that you have never considered. Here are the Learning Activity Types by subject area:

K-6 Literacy
Physical Education
Secondary English Language Arts
Social Studies
Visual Arts
World Languages